China to develop solar farms in Cuba, though doubts remain over efficiency

China has announced the construction of 92 solar farms in Cuba as part of a joint effort to address the island’s energy crisis.

Chinese liquor company signs agreement with Cuban cigar company

Cuban cigar company agreed to expand with Chinese liquor company at the 24th Habano Festival in Cuba.

China and Cuba strengthen ties in the field of neuroscience

Scientists from Cuba and China have strengthened their ties with the signing of a new collaboration agreement in the field of neuroscience. The Shanghai Center for Brain Science and Brain-Inspired Technology and the Center for Neuroscience of Cuba have entered into this agreement, supported by the Municipal Commission of Science and Technology of Shanghai.

Concern over the installation of a Chinese espionage base in Cuba

Latin America is on alert due to the alleged recent installation of a Chinese espionage base in Cuba. This has sparked concerns in the region about potential implications for security and geopolitical balance, given the ideological proximity of most Latin American countries to the United States.

Cuban medicine for pancreatic cancer receives approval from China

China’s National Medical Products Administration, the main regulatory body in the sector, has approved the commercialization and use of the Cuban humanized monoclonal antibody Nimotuzumab for the treatment of pancreatic cancer. The decision is based on positive results from clinical studies, the drug’s efficacy in inhibiting the growth of malignant cells, and its successful use since 1998 in Cuba and other countries.

China will install a spy base in Cuba according to the Wall Street Journal

The regimes of China and Cuba have reportedly signed an agreement to build a large spy center on the Central American island, raising concerns in the United States over the potential expansion of Chinese intelligence activities in the region.

Chinese donation of equipment to the National Institute of Hydraulic Resources in Cuba

The People’s Republic of China has donated 449 pieces of equipment to Cuba for use in hydraulic construction activities. The donation encompasses a wide range of activities and includes over 30 types of devices.

High-level Cuban delegation visits China and signs cybersecurity agreement

Representatives from China and Cuba have officially signed a cybersecurity agreement in Beijing, affirming the commitment of both governments to promote an Internet environment that fosters the development and well-being of their respective populations.

China sends humanitarian aid following severe fire in Cuba

PRC Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin announced that the Chinese Red Cross has decided to provide emergency humanitarian assistance to Cuba after a fire broke out in the oil storage area of the Matanzas supertanker base.

China-Cuba cooperation to promote tourism

Cuba’s ambassador to the People’s Republic of China, Carlos Miguel Pereira, and the executive director of Caesars Travel Group, Chen Xiaobing, signed an agreement of understanding to promote tourism between the two countries.

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