Tango comes to China courtesy of Beijing Central Music Conservatory

Photo: Chinese Tango. By: Andrewfang. Source: Flickr

The Beijing Central Music Conservatory -opened in 1949 and currently with 1,500 students at its Beijing campus- is the most prestigious arts institution in China. On October 28th, this important institution inaugurated its Tango Research and Practice Center, in collaboration with Argentina’s Universidad Nacional de las Artes. 

Argentina’s Ambassador to China, Sabino Vaca Narvaja, and the Director of the Central Conservatory, Professor Yi Feng, attended the opening event of the Center, whose main mission is to spearhead the knowledge and development of Argentine Tango in China. To this end, the Center foresees the planning of innovative projects around this artistic representation native to Argentina. It also plans to carry out exchanges and academic integration with Universidad Nacional de las Artes, which will support the training of students who join the Center.

Main story:

El Chubut (2021). Inauguran un centro de investigación y práctica de Tango en Beijing.


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