China and Bolivia join forces to build a gas plant

Photo: Bolivias´President, Luis Arce. By: Casa de América. Source: Flickr

President Luis Arce continues to work on the development plans for Bolivia. In 2021 Bolivia had signed a project with the Chinese company Sinosteel to build a plant for steel extraction and a gas plant will be built in the same complex in 2022.

Sinohydro Bureau, a Chinese engineering company, has signed a contract to build this gas-fired power plant in Bolivia. The steel plant is located in the department of Santa Cruz, in the east of the country, and is designed to reach an annual production of 194,000 tons, which will be of great benefit to the Bolivian region. It will allow it to save a large part of its foreign currency and will also help in building projects and cities, according to its needs.

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Xinhua en Español: Compañía china construirá planta de energía en Bolivia.

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EFE: Una compañía china construirá una planta de gas para una siderúrgica en el este de Bolivia.

Economy: Sinohydro Bureau instalará una planta energética para la Siderúrgica del Mutún.


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