Ai Weiwei’s works in Colombia

Photo: Ai Weiwei. By: Alfred Weidinger. Source: Flickr

Starting February 19, 2022, to March 31 of this year, La Cometa Gallery in Bogota, (Colombia) opens its doors to Ai Weiwei, a Chinese activist, artist, and architect, who in recent years has become one of the most important exponents of contemporary art today. La Cometa Gallery was created 36 years ago by Esteban Jaramillo Flórez, to support the local art scene (City of Bogotá).

The show is entitled The Emperor’s Banquet and replicates the millenary history of the Chinese zodiac with toy bricks (LEGO). The exhibition includes a total of 17 pieces by the Chinese artist and activist, each with its own message to highlight. However, some obviously stand out more than others because of their colors and their meanings. Following the exhibition in Bogotá, the pieces will be taken to Medellin, Colombia.

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Canal Trece: Las obras de Ai Weiwei llegan por primera vez a Colombia.

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