Chinese firm JF Capital International has bought the Justo & Bueno chain

Photo: “Mercadería Justo & Bueno” store in Colombia. By: EEIM. Source: Wikimedia Commons

The shareholding of the retail company Justo & Bueno (J&B) was purchased by the Chinese conglomerate Joining Futures Capital International Limited. The news of the purchase was made official last Thursday, April 19, following the supermarket company’s financial crisis that began in 2021.

J&B is undergoing a restructuring process and, following the acquisition, the companies announced that they expect to pay in full before May 10, 2022. For the time being, no details are known about this deal, including the value of the transaction or the future investments by Joining Futures Capital International Limited in the Colombian company. However, what we do know is that Chinese investment in the South American country has been steadily growing.

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