Chinese incursion into Colombian infrastructure

Photo: Medellín’s Metro station – Bicentenario station in Ayacucho’s Avenue. By: Felipe Restrepo Acosta. Source: CC – Wikimedia Commons.

This month has brought a high level of activity in the development of PRC companies in Colombia. On the one hand, the Setco consortium, formed by Chinese companies Shanghai Engineering and Technology Corp, signed an agreement to build a gas pipeline in Antioquia. This is the fourth infrastructure agreement signed by a Chinese company in Antioquia after Harbour Engineering Company, Yellow River Co Ltd and Sinohydro Bureau & Co Ltd. Similarly, China Railway Construction Company (which is already building the Bogotá Metro) and Mota-Engil (a Portuguese construction company) joined forces to win the tender for the Metro de la 80 project in the city of Medellín (Antioquia).

The gas pipeline project is considered a Project of Strategic National Interest for the Mining and Energy Planning Unit, and is included in the Indicative Plan for Natural Gas Supply. According to Alfonso López, journalist for El Colombiano, this project will ensure Antioquia’s energy security, and establish a new natural gas supply route for the region. Similarly, according to a spokesperson for Canacol (the counterpart to the agreement signed with Setco for the pipeline), the project will receive priority attention from the country’s National Environmental Licensing Authority.

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