Minister of Foreign Affairs of Guatemala affirms support to Taiwan

Photo: Mario Búcaro, Guatemala’s Minister of Foreign Affairs – 08.30 總統接見瓜地馬拉共和國外交部部長步卡羅(Mario Búcaro)閣下一行. By: Makoto Lin / Office of the President. Source: CC – Flickr.

Guatemala’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mario Búcaro, visited Taiwan to show his “support”. The foreign minister landed last August at the international airport of Taoyuan, Taiwan, where he informed the local news agency CNA that “Guatemala and Taiwan are two allies that share the values of democracy, freedom and respect for sovereignty”.

The visit was the first of President Mario Búcaro to the island where he was also scheduled to meet with high-ranking officials, including Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-Wen and Foreign Minister Joseph Wu.

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DW: El canciller de Guatemala en Taipei: «Taiwán tiene nuestro apoyo, a pesar de cualquier desafío o amenaza».

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