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About the Podcast

Silk & Coffee: China – Latin America Podcast is a space dedicated to the analysis of China’s relationship with the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. It is an initiative sponsored by the Andrés Bello Foundation – China Latin America Research Center and hosted by Diego D’Sola, Parsifal D’Sola, and David Castrillón.

China-Brazil Relations and the types of dependency between China-LAC: a conversation with Thiago de Aragão

n the 7th episode of the Coffee & Silk Podcast, we chatted with Thiago de Aragão about China´s interest y Latin America and the Caribbean and the dynamics of this relationship with a strong focus on Brazil.

China – Latin America relations: a point of view from Mexico with Enrique Dussel

In Episode 6th of the Coffee & Silk Podcast, Parsifal and David chat with Enrique Dussel Peters about topics such as the Chinese Direct Investments in LAC, the Latin Americas´s institutions that study the China-Latin America relationships, the importance of generating new concepts regarding these relations, as well as the triangular relationship between the countries of Latina America and the Caribbean, the United States and China.

China’s environmental track-record in Latin America: a conversation with Fermin Koop

This week on Silk & Coffee, Parsifal and David talk to Fermin Koop about the environmental challenges surrounding China’s engagement in Latin America and the Caribbean.

China-Caribbean relations, a conversation with Rasheed Griffith

In this episode, our hosts David and Parsifal talk with Rasheed Griffith about China´s engagement with the Caribbean. During the conversation Rasheed address the diverse composition of the Caribbean and the differences and commonalities along the region. He also talks about the development of China's relationship with the Caribbean.

Sino-Latin American relations through the prism of Argentine foreign policy, a conversation with Jorge Malena

This week on Silk & Coffee, Parsifal talks to Dr. Jorge Malena about the pillars of Chinese foreign policy in Latin America and the Caribbean, the evolution of the Chinese development model and its impact on the country's international interests, and the fluctuations of Argentine domestic policy and its influence on the country’s relationship with China.