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About the Podcast

Silk & Coffee: China – Latin America Podcast is a space dedicated to the analysis of China’s relationship with the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. It is an initiative sponsored by the Andrés Bello Foundation – China Latin America Research Center and hosted by Diego D’Sola and Parsifal D’Sola.

China’s football industry, a sport-bridge to Latin America

In the conversation, Professor Caycedo talks about the PRC’s interest in football and how the government actively promotes the sport around the country with the aim of turning China into a football powerhouse.

China-Colombian relationships: a relation in development

In our last episode of the Coffee & Silk Podcast, Parsifal talks to Professor Carolina Urrego, where she explains to us the current situation of the Sino-Colombian relationship, highlighting the reasons that explain why Colombia has delayed the most in the Latin America region, the approach towards China.

China’s Film Industry: An instrument for internal education and communication with the foreign public.

In the 9th episode of the Coffee & Silk Podcast, Parsifal talks with Veronica Flores, Argentinian professor, and expert on Contemporary China´s art, social and cultural history. On this occasion, Veronica takes a quick trip through China´s Cinema history and the relationship between this industry and the government. Flores emphasizes the importance of Chinese artistic expressions and creative language, as a tool to gain attention from the foreign public.

Thoughts of a Latin American journalist living in China: Isolda Morillo´s experience

In this episode of the Coffee & Silk Podcast, Parsifal talks to Isolda Morillo, journalist and writer from Ayacucho, Perú where she share with us her experience over the dynamics of Journalism in China.

China-Brazil Relations and the types of dependency between China-LAC: a conversation with Thiago de Aragão

In the 7th episode of the Coffee & Silk Podcast, we chatted with Thiago de Aragão about China´s interest y Latin America and the Caribbean and the dynamics of this relationship with a strong focus on Brazil.