Disputes between the Chinese mining company “Las Bambas” and Peruvian indigenous communities

Since April 2022, more than one hundred indigenous residents invaded Las Bambas mine in Peru, owned by MMG Ltd, Chinese resource company.

Alberto Fernandez met with representatives of the Zijin Mining Group

Argentina’s President, Alberto Fernández, met with representatives of the Chinese mining company Zijin Mining Group on March 22. The company is already constructing a lithium carbonate plant at the Tres Quebradas deposit, 170 kilometers east of Fiambalá, in the province of Catamarca, Argentina. The meeting was held to officially welcome both the representatives and the president of the mining company.

The Zijin Mining Company will invest 380 million to build a lithium plant in Argentina

Chinese mining company Zijin will invest US$380 million through its subsidiary Liex to build a lithium carbonate plant in the province of Catamarca (Argentina).

China and Bolivia join forces to build a gas plant

President Luis Arce continues to work on the development plans for Bolivia. In 2021 Bolivia had signed a project with the Chinese company Sinosteel to build a plant for steel extraction and a gas plant will be built in the same complex in 2022.

YPF and CATL meet to sign a Strategic Partnership

CATL President, Chen Junwei, recently met with the Secretary of Mining of Argentina, Alberto Hensel, and the President of YPF, Pablo Gonzalez, in order to reach an agreement for the development of joint projects in Argentina.

Bolivia signs mining production contract with Chinese company

The Bolivian Mining Corporation (Comibol) and the Chinese company Phoenixminig S.A. signed a 15-year mining production contract on October 29 in the Amayapampa mining district in the municipality of Chayanta, Rafael Bustillo province in Potosí (Bolivia).

Argentina at the China Mining Conference and Exhibition 2021

The China Mining Conference and Exhibition 2021 was held in the city of Tianjin. The Conference ran from October 21 to 23 of this year and was attended by Argentine representatives at a stand dedicated to the country’s mining potential.