Central Bank of Argentina seeks to renegotiate financial agreement with China

This trip to China comes at a crucial time for Argentina as it seeks to recover from a protracted financial crisis. Thanks to the swap agreement with China, the country has been able to strengthen its foreign exchange reserves and address its financial obligations

China and Venezuela strike agreements over maritime exports and commercial flights

China and Venezuela consolidate the signing of the health protocol for the export of marine products to China

China’s Cosco Shipping retains exclusivity over Peruvian megaport following law change

The approved modification focuses mainly on the exclusivity of port services granted to the owners of private ports for public use.

USA to collaborate with Mexico to address Chinese steel and aluminum imports

In response to concerns about a possible trade conflict with China, Biden assured that “there will not be a trade war”, emphasising his commitment to address these issues in a diplomatic and collaborative manner.

El Salvador and China begin negotiations for FTA

Negotiations for an FTA between China and El Salvador officially begin after 5 years of diplomatic relations

Argentina in favor of trade negotiations between Mercosur and China

Talks with China have been a priority for Uruguay, which has shown interest in initiating them unilaterally if necessary

Argentine state of Santa Cruz signs trade agreement with China

Mining, fishing and energy: Claudio Vidal, governor of the Argentinean province of Santa Cruz, signed an important agreement with the Chamber of Commerce of the Chinese city of Fuzhou.

Chinese steel fosters crisis within Latin American steel industry

China’s strategy of subsidising its steel production and exporting it at below-market prices has triggered a dumping situation that severely affects Latin America

Chinese auto manufacturer Chery receives US$ 50 million investment for Colombian market

Grupo Vardí invests US$50 million in Chery to strengthen its presence in Colombia.

Paraguayan parliamentary delegation visits Taiwan to strengthen ties

A parliamentary delegation from Paraguay has paid a visit to Taiwan, with the aim of strengthening bilateral ties.

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