Argentina appoints a new ambassador to China

Appointment of new Argentine ambassador to China underscores determination to strengthen strategic ties and cooperation.

China seeks closer ties with Argentina: ‘There is no real conflict’

During the Munich Security Conference, China and Argentina consolidate diplomatic ties, fostering strategic cooperation to overcome political challenges and strengthen their bilateral relationship.

Argentina set to export wheat to China for first time

Argentina will export wheat to China for the first time, according to Argentina’s Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries.

Argentina鈥檚 New President and the China Threat Narrative

The possible evolution of the relationship between Argentina and China with the arrival of Javier Milei to the presidency.

Los presidentes de Argentina y China en reuni贸n

China and Argentina establish Closer Ties Within the Belt and Road Initiative

Argentine President Alberto Fern谩ndez has traveled to China to attend聽 the Third Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation.

Slight growth in Argentina’s economy with China as its main ally

Amidst the scarcity of dollars, Argentina is exploring alternatives to pay for imports. One of these solutions involves reaching an agreement with China to pay for technological components in yuan. This move aims to avoid shortages of parts for the Argentine industry and also extends China’s influence in Latin America.

China manufactures renewable energy train for Argentina

One of China’s leading high-speed train manufacturers, CRRC Tangshan Co., has successfully manufactured the first renewable energy light rail train for Argentina. The train will be used in the transportation system of the Jujuy province in Argentina as part of the country’s railway modernization plan.

China advances in its commitment to boosting the railway sector in Argentina

During a working tour in China, Argentina’s Minister of Transportation, Diego Giuliano, made significant progress in enhancing the country’s railway sector. Agreements were signed for future investments in the railway field, with particular emphasis on the Belgrano Cargas Railway Rehabilitation Project. This project, which involves an investment of $816 million, aims to acquire new wagons, locomotives, and repair existing vehicles.

China pushes for Argentina to join BRICS

During a meeting between Zhao Leji, the president of the Chinese People鈥檚 Assembly, and Argentine officials, including national deputy M谩ximo Kirchner and the head of the Chamber of Deputies, Cecilia Moreau, China expressed its support for Argentina鈥檚 entry into the BRICS group, which consists of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. The aim of Argentina鈥檚 potential membership is to gain access to financial assistance provided by the group.

Argentine Minister of Economy secures US$ 1 billion in investments after meetings with companies in China

During his visit to China, Argentina鈥檚 Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, reached significant investment and disbursement agreements with Chinese companies amounting to nearly US$ 1 billion. These funds, expected to arrive on July 15, will bolster the public reserves of the Argentine Central Bank, enhancing the country鈥檚 economic stability.

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