China strengthens its influence in Latin America through the energy sector

China is increasing its influence in the energy sector in Latin America, with Chile, Brazil, and Peru being the countries where its presence is concentrated in the power distribution market. According to data from Boston University, since 2000, Chinese development banks have financed nearly $10 billion in power generation and distribution projects in the region.

Minerva and high Chinese demand

Minerva affirmed that it will continue to meet Chinese beef demand through four slaughter units, three in Uruguay and one in Argentina. This follows a confirmed case of mad cow disease in the state of Par谩 in Brazil. Minerva, South America’s leading beef processor and exporter, present in Colombia, Chile, and Paraguay, assured that the strategy will prevent its market share from being affected as China is the largest importer of Brazilian product and has a protocol for suspending business in the event of cases of atypical Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy, something that has already occurred in the past.

China adds road concession to Chile’s infrastructure portfolio

The Chilean government awarded China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC) the second concession for the Chill谩n-Collipulli section of Route 5, for an investment of close to US$600 million, further expanding China’s presence in the infrastructure sector in the South American country. The concession includes the construction of a four-lane access road, the widening of 18 km of the existing road, the replacement of 14 bridges, and the repair of 48 others.

The Red Cross Society of China donates US$100,000 to help fight forest fires in Chile

China’s Red Cross has donated US$100,000 to the Chilean Red Cross to help areas affected by the forest fires that have ravaged the country’s south-central area. China’s ambassador to Chile, Niu Qingbao, made the announcement at a press conference at the Chilean Red Cross headquarters in Santiago, adding that the Chinese Embassy in Chile is collaborating with the Chilean Association of Municipalities to provide support.

BYD in Chile

The Chinese company BYD has recently signed an alliance with the Chilean company Astar, in order to distribute electric vehicles for the first months of 2023 in Chile.

Asia Pacific Economic Forum (APEC) 2022

The last Asia Pacific Economic Forum (APEC) meeting was held in Thailand on November 16. Chilean President Gabriel Boric also attended the meeting

Mauricio Hurtado, Chile’s new ambassador to the PRC

Chilean President Gabriel Boric appointed Mauricio Hurtado as Chile’s new ambassador to the People’s Republic of China.

Manufacturing of Sinovac Vaccines in Chile

At the end 2021, Sinovac Biotech announced plans to build a vaccine production plant in Chile. The plant,is expected to be ready by 2023.

China: Chile’s major clothing supplier

Currently, China is the largest exporter of clothing to Chile, according with the report presented by Chile’s National Chamber of Commerce.

The impact of Chinese companies on transportation in Chile

An example of the above is the case of Foton, a company that specializes in the manufacture of commercial vehicles, and which has seen the highest international sales in its history in Chile.

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