EPM signs contract with Chinese company to promote solar energy project in Colombia

The Colombian company EPM has signed a contract with Powerchina International Group Limited, Colombia branch, to implement the Tepuy Photovoltaic Solar Park, its first large-scale renewable energy project in Colombia. This non-conventional renewable energy project will contribute 83 megawatts of renewable energy to the National Interconnected System (SIN), which could supply a city of 400,000 inhabitants.

China-Colombia relations are at an all-time high

Ingrid Chaves, director of the Colombian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, spoke to Portafolio about the progress of diplomatic relations with China and the changes expected with the new government: “this year marks 43 years since the beginning of diplomatic relations and before the pandemic, China became the country’s second partner in trade and the first Asian investor in Colombia,” said Chaves.

Chinese company BYD supports Colombia for sustainable mobility

he Chinese company Build Your Dreams (BYD), a pioneer in providing electric vehicles to Colombia since 2012, expressed its intention to act as an ally to meet the Colombian government’s expectations regarding the progress in the transition to clean energy, with special emphasis on the mobility issue. In an interview with Xinhua, BYD’s general manager in Colombia, Juan Luis Mesa, recalled that the company has offered effective zero emission solutions in more than 70 countries.

Minerva and high Chinese demand

Minerva affirmed that it will continue to meet Chinese beef demand through four slaughter units, three in Uruguay and one in Argentina. This follows a confirmed case of mad cow disease in the state of Pará in Brazil. Minerva, South America’s leading beef processor and exporter, present in Colombia, Chile, and Paraguay, assured that the strategy will prevent its market share from being affected as China is the largest importer of Brazilian product and has a protocol for suspending business in the event of cases of atypical Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy, something that has already occurred in the past.

President Petro confirms meeting with Chinese Government to discuss infrastructure works

President Gustavo Petro continues to provide information about his trip to China in the first half of 2023 to discuss the Bogota Metro. Besides the infrastructure works in Colombia, the president hopes to discuss state and social relations between the two countries.

China outranks Colombia, Brazil and Peru as the largest Amazonian fish producer

In 2020, 59,400 tons of this species were produced in the Asian country, while Colombia produced 33,000 tons, Vietnam: 23,000, Peru: 2,100, and Brazil: 1,800. This is due to the fact that China, together with other Southeast Asian countries, has not only focused on fish production for human consumption, but has also become a leader in breeding Amazonian ornamental fish.

Financial closure by Chinese company delays the design of the Bogotá subway system

As reported by the Colombian radio program “W Radio,” uncertainty exists regarding the delivery deadlines for the Bogotá subway system, as a result of the failure of the APCA Transmetro consortium to meet the deadlines for financial closure.

VI China-Colombia Dialogue

The VI China-Colombia Dialogue took place on November 17 in Bogota. The event was attended by the Colombian Ambassador to China, Sergio Cabrera, and his Chinese counterpart, Lan Hu.

Colombian Foreign Minister met with the Special Representative of the Chinese Government for Latin America and the Caribbean Affairs

Álvaro Leyva, Colombia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, met with Qiu Xiaoqi, Special Representative of the Chinese Government for Latin American and Caribbean Affairs, on November 18.

Chinese consortium signs agreement with Canacol Energy to build gas pipeline

Shanghai Engineering and Technology Corp (Setco) and Canacol Energy signed an agreement to build a gas pipeline, in the Department of Antioquia (Colombia).

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