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Ecuador suspends visa exemption with China

A report by the Wilson Center indicates that there has been a significant change in the immigration routes of Chinese citizens to the United States, with an increase in those crossing the southern border and seeking political asylum

Round Table: Ecuador, China and FTAs in South America

The FTA between Ecuador and China generates concerns in sectors such as agriculture due to the increased exploitation of natural resources.

Free Trade Agreement between China and Ecuador comes into effect

The FTA extends to a wide range of products, from chocolate and cocoa powder to tuna, heart of palm, and jams, among others. Photo: Pixabay. This May 1st marked the beginning of a new stage in the trade relations between Ecuador and China with the entry into force of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between […]

Ecuador-China FTA raises environmental concerns聽

Ecuador ratified its Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with China. However, the agreement has certain environmental and social repercussions.

China fails to cooperate in corruption investigation into its former ambassador to Ecuador聽

China refuses to cooperate in the corruption investigation of former ambassador Cai Runguo in Ecuador, raising tensions and questions about transparency and accountability.

Ecuador ratifies FTA with China despite environmental concerns

Ecuador has confirmed the ratification of the free trade agreement with China, despite criticism from indigenous and environmental organizations.

Ecuador approves free trade agreement with China

Ecuador’s National Assembly ratified a trade agreement with China that seeks to open the Ecuadorian market with close to 5,000 tariff-free products.

Ecuador to debate free trade agreement with China

Ecuador is weighing the benefits of ratifying the FTA signed with China in May 2023. Productive guilds request that it be approved by the National Assembly.

Ecuador’s Constitutional Court Receives Support from Nine ‘Amicus Curiae’ and Opposition from Four in Regards to the Trade Agreement with China

Ecuador’s Constitutional Court聽 has a 30-day period to issue its final ruling following the ‘amicus curiae’ submission stage, which concluded on September 11th.

Trade agreement between Ecuador and China put on hold after President Lasso鈥檚 decision

The trade agreement signed between Ecuador and China on May 10 is currently facing uncertainty following President Guillermo Lasso鈥檚 decision to dissolve the opposition-led National Assembly through the issuance of the decree of cross death. This has raised concerns about the ratification of the agreement, as the Minister of Government, Henry Cucal贸n, stated that it cannot enter into force during this period.

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