China to donate nearly $280 million for educational infrastructure in Honduras

China and Honduras have formalized an agreement for a US$280 million donation for the renovation of educational infrastructure in Honduras.

Honduran city of San Pedro Sula will be twinned with a Chinese city

San Pedro Sula becomes the first city in Honduras to twin with Changsha, China, on the first anniversary of their diplomatic relations.

FTA with China to bolster honduran exports

China takes steps to boost Honduran exports by certifying five coffee companies.

Honduras and China sign agreement for shrimp export

Honduras signs agreement with China to strengthen bilateral trade and economic cooperation.

Honduras promotes school reconstruction project with Chinese support

With China’s economic support and cooperation, the Honduran government unveils a project to rebuild the country’s education system.

Honduras Appoints Its First Ambassador to China

Honduras’ President, Xiomara Castro, officially appointed Salvador Moncada as the first Honduran Ambassador to China, marking a historic milestone following the establishment of diplomatic relations with China and the severance of ties with Taiwan in March. Moncada, a 78-year-old Honduran scientist with British citizenship, is renowned for his significant contributions in the field of cardiac treatments developed in laboratories in London. Following his appointment, Moncada noted that various initiatives are already being explored with China in areas ranging from infrastructure to science and technology, with a special emphasis on ongoing negotiations for a Free Trade Agreement.

China and Honduras make positive progress in free trade agreement negotiations between the two countries

On July 7th, the Chinese government convened in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, with the aim of strengthening the negotiations for a Free Trade Agreement between the two countries. This meeting was prompted by the severance of diplomatic relations between Honduras and Taiwan.

Xiomara Castro lands in Shanghai following the inauguration of China’s embassy in Honduras

China inaugurated its embassy in Honduras following the establishment of diplomatic relations in March, while also announcing that Honduran President Xiomara Castro will travel to Beijing. The opening ceremony took place in a hotel ballroom in Tegucigalpa, as Beijing has not yet determined the location for its diplomatic mission. Likewise, Honduras has not determined the location of its embassy in Beijing.

Honduras and China will negotiate a Free Trade Agreement

After establishing diplomatic relations, Honduras announced that it will soon initiate negotiations for a free trade agreement with China. “We will soon begin negotiations for a free trade agreement with China, which will also be good news and opportunities for access to our products,” stated Enrique Reina, the Honduran Foreign Minister.

After breaking diplomatic relations with Honduras, Taiwan’s president visits Guatemala and Belize聽

Following the termination of diplomatic relations with Honduras, Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen embarked on a visit to Guatemala and Belize last week, aiming to strengthen ties with her regional allies. Tsai’s tour, which attracted controversy due to two stopovers in the United States, sought to bolster relationships in the region. In Guatemala, Tsai held a meeting with Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei, during which both leaders delivered a joint message reaffirming their close bonds.

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