Latin America increases tariffs on Chinese steel

Photo: Pexels. In a sign of growing economic protectionism, various Latin American countries have followed the steps of the United States and Europe by imposing tariffs on steel imports from China, according to analysis compiled by Bloomberg. In recent weeks, Mexico, Chile, and Brazil have increased, and in some cases doubled, tariffs on these products, […]

Experts warn of dangers of buying Chinese military equipment

Photo: Pexels. China is intensifying its efforts to expand its influence in Latin America by focusing on the sale of military equipment to countries with which it shares economic and political alignment, according to the magazine Di谩logo Am茅ricas.聽 This approach has been criticized by various analysts, who highlight the low quality and recurring technical issues […]

Foreign Ministers of Argentina, Peru and Bolivia travel to China聽

Foreign Ministers of Argentina, Peru and Bolivia seek to strengthen relations with China, given its growing interest in Latin America. During the visit, key issues such as trade, investment and cooperation in technology and infrastructure will be discussed

Los tratados de libre comercio (TLC) han sido una herramienta clave en la expansi贸n de las relaciones econ贸micas entre China y Am茅rica Latina

The intricacies of establishing closer commercial ties between Latin America and China

This dependence on natural resource exports poses challenges for economic diversification and sustainable development in Latin America

El Salvador and China begin negotiations for FTA

Negotiations for an FTA between China and El Salvador officially begin after 5 years of diplomatic relations

Argentina in favor of trade negotiations between Mercosur and China

Talks with China have been a priority for Uruguay, which has shown interest in initiating them unilaterally if necessary

Chinese steel fosters crisis within Latin American steel industry

China’s strategy of subsidising its steel production and exporting it at below-market prices has triggered a dumping situation that severely affects Latin America

US proposes plan to halt Chinese influence in Latin America

The U.S. has presented a plan to prevent China from strengthening its influence in Latin America, proposing the adhesion of Latin American countries to the T-MEC.

Chinese car brands develop commercial strategies in Latin America

BYD and Jaecoo are leading the competition in electric and gasoline cars in Latin America, deploying ambitious strategies to consolidate their presence in the region.

Trade between China and Latin America reached US 489 billion in 2023

Report of the Customs Administration of the People’s Republic of China on trade between China and Latin America anticipates an increase in trade exchange.

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