Chinese car brands develop commercial strategies in Latin America

BYD and Jaecoo are leading the competition in electric and gasoline cars in Latin America, deploying ambitious strategies to consolidate their presence in the region.

Trade between China and Latin America reached US 489 billion in 2023

Report of the Customs Administration of the People’s Republic of China on trade between China and Latin America anticipates an increase in trade exchange.

10th Anniversary of China-CELAC Forum held in Beijing

The symposium “China-Latin America Development Cooperation and Knowledge Exchange” was held in Beijing to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the China-CELAC Forum.

G77 + China countries gather at the South Summit to push for reforming global governance

More than 100 leaders from the Global South meet to strengthen cooperation and advance global governance reform

Sikyong Penpa Tsering, presidente de los tibetanos en el exilio

The President of the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) is completes Latin America tour

The leader of the Tibetan community in exile embarked on an official tour to Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, Mexico, and the United States.

Huawei Cloud boosts technology cooperation with Latin America at COMPASS Summit

The Huawei Cloud COMPASS Summit for Latin America, held in Shenzhen, China, brought together representatives from various Latin American countries and industries to explore cooperation opportunities in cloud technology. The event showcased Huawei Cloud鈥檚 internet solutions tailored for the Latin American market, including sectors such as media and entertainment, e-commerce, fintech, and online education.

Chinese company Sinohydro under scrutiny for bribe payments in Latin American projects

The Chinese company Sinohydro is currently under investigation for alleged corruption in Ecuador, specifically related to the Coca Codo Sinclair project. It has been discovered that the company made bribe payments totaling US$76 million, which were subsequently deposited in accounts in Panama and distributed among various individuals, Ecuadorian companies, and foreign companies in tax havens.

China-Latin America trade growth: opportunities and challenges for the region

Latin America and the Caribbean have emerged as a key destination for Chinese investment abroad, with over 3,000 Chinese companies currently operating in the region. According to the China-CELAC Private Sector Forum, bilateral trade between China and the region witnessed a significant 7.7% growth in 2022, reaching a total of US$485.7 billion.

Record trade between China and Latin America reveals economic challenges for the region

The economic relationship between China and Latin America is undergoing significant changes, according to a report from the Center for Global Development Policy at Boston University. Latin American governments are strengthening ties with China through trade agreements, supply chain investments, and financing projects. Although trade between the two regions has reached record levels, Latin America faces a significant trade deficit with China, posing an economic challenge for the region.

Chinese infrastructure projects in Latin America face challenges and criticism

The relationship between China and Latin America has evolved from a focus on raw materials to integration in logistics and value chains. However, infrastructure projects led by China in the region have faced difficulties and challenges, including labor, environmental, and quality issues. Despite this, most Chinese companies have managed to overcome these obstacles and continue to participate in investment transactions and infrastructure projects.

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