Sodium-ion batteries: the new China-driven alternative to replace lithium

The Chinese company JAC presented its first electric car powered by a sodium-ion battery, a much more affordable material than lithium. Sodium-ion batteries are the focus of scientific attention given their potential to dethrone lithium as a key mineral in the development of electromobility, which in the future may affect the countries that make up the “lithium triangle” in Latin America.

Chinese vehicles landing in Latin America

Photo: 2015 BYD e6 “Taxi”. By: harry_nl. Source: Flickr. Several Chinese vehicle manufacturers have begun to see Latin America as an important place to establish new plants. In late 2022, Build Your Dreams (BYD) announced that it would be building three new factories in Sao Paulo, Brazil; two will produce chassis for buses, trucks, and […]

Minerva and high Chinese demand

Minerva affirmed that it will continue to meet Chinese beef demand through four slaughter units, three in Uruguay and one in Argentina. This follows a confirmed case of mad cow disease in the state of Pará in Brazil. Minerva, South America’s leading beef processor and exporter, present in Colombia, Chile, and Paraguay, assured that the strategy will prevent its market share from being affected as China is the largest importer of Brazilian product and has a protocol for suspending business in the event of cases of atypical Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy, something that has already occurred in the past.

The U.S. monitors China’s progress in Latin American economies

A report by the U.S. Congressional Research Service (CRS) states that the U.S. government is closely monitoring China’s advance in Latin American economies, including Mexico. The document notes that China has been increasingly engaged in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) since 2001, particularly in diplomatic and economic terms.

China outranks Colombia, Brazil and Peru as the largest Amazonian fish producer

In 2020, 59,400 tons of this species were produced in the Asian country, while Colombia produced 33,000 tons, Vietnam: 23,000, Peru: 2,100, and Brazil: 1,800. This is due to the fact that China, together with other Southeast Asian countries, has not only focused on fish production for human consumption, but has also become a leader in breeding Amazonian ornamental fish.

Increased Importation of New Energy Vehicles from China

Latin America’s consumption of New Energy Vehicles has recently increased, with Chinese-imported electric vehicles having been widely accepted by the region’s population.

Chinese maritime fishing fleet expansion is out of control in Latin America

The PRC’s fleet is one of the largest dedicated to squid fishery. This has provoked concern for local fishermen engaged in the activity, as well as various public and private institutions in South America.

Huawei announces cloud expansion in Latin America

The Chinese tech company Huawei announced the expansion and improvement of its cloud business in Latin America, to boost digital transformation and development in the region.

China-Latin America retrospective art exchange exhibition

On September 17, the Retrospective Exhibition of Art Exchange between China and Latin America was inaugurated in the city of Xi’an, capital of Shaanxi province, located in the northwest of the Asian country

Growing presence of the People’s Republic of China in Latin America

China’s (PRC) great commitment in the last decade has been of great importance, the Asian country saw a great opportunity in the region and has pushed to maintain an important presence.

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