Chinese company Ganfeng sues Mexico for revoking lithium concessions

Chinese company Ganfeng has filed a lawsuit against Mexico at ICSID, alleging the cancellation of concessions for the construction of a mega lithium mine in Sonora.

USA warns Mexico over commercial ties with China

Photo: Wikimedia Commons. This week, the administration of U.S. president Joe Biden announced it will impose a 50% tariff on US$18 billion worth of Chinese products, in a move that escalates tension in its trade war with China. This measure not only aims to protect U.S. interests but also sends a message to Mexico regarding […]

EE.UU. warns about Mexican cartels and China as responsible for drug crisis

Photo: Picryl. In its 2024 National Drug Threat Assessment, the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has emphasized the seriousness of the current narcotics crisis, identifying Mexican cartels from Sinaloa and Jalisco, as well as China, as the main culprits. The report highlights a “dangerous shift” in the drug landscape, moving from plant-based to synthetic […]

Mexico introduces higher tariffs on Chinese goods in bid to bolster nearshoring

From now on, more than 500 products imported from China will have to pay between 5% and 50% tariffs on shipments

USA to collaborate with Mexico to address Chinese steel and aluminum imports

In response to concerns about a possible trade conflict with China, Biden assured that “there will not be a trade war”, emphasising his commitment to address these issues in a diplomatic and collaborative manner.

Mexico absorbs 6% of Chinese commercial relocation, according to World Bank

According to the analysis of a World Bank representative, Chinese relocation in Mexico only absorbs 6% of the total.

During the AMLO government, Chinese investment has tripled

Chinese foreign investment in Mexico triples under the administration of Andr茅s Manuel L贸pez Obrador.

Chinese automaker BYD looking to develop new plant in Mexico

BYD is finalizing the details of a new manufacturing facility in Mexico, with the goal of meeting the country’s demand for hybrid and electric vehicles.

China-Mexico trade route surges by 60% in opening months of 2024

Trade between China and Mexico is on the rise, defying global trends. This dynamic is transforming trade and economic relations worldwide.

China’s foreign investment in Mexico surpasses official record by at least 10 times

The official records of the foreign direct investment of China in Mexico do not correspond to the actual figures of Cechimex.

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