Argentine province signs new strategic agreement with PowerChina

Photo: Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse in the Beagle Channel, south of Tierra del Fuego in Argentina. By: Ricardo Martins.聽Source: CC 鈥 Wikimedia Commons.

Governor of Tierra del Fuego (Argentina) Gustavo Melella signed a strategic agreement for the development of energy projects in Patagonia with Tu Shuipin, representative of PowerChina Energy in Argentina.

Melella emphasized that dialogues with the Chinese company began several years ago and he hoped that the agreement would become a reality and that they would work together. He therefore stressed that “this agreement is very important, the natural resource potential of Tierra del Fuego is enormous and must be accompanied by large infrastructure projects, which is why we are meeting.”

The signing of the strategic agreement took place at the provincial government building, with the Chief of the General Staff, Agust铆n Tita, the Minister of Hydrocarbons, Alejandro Aguirre; and the Secretary of Official Representation at Casa Tierra del Fuego, Maximiliano D’Alessio, who joined them via zoom.

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News Argenchina: Tierra del Fuego firm贸 un convenio estrat茅gico con PowerChina.

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