China advances in its commitment to boosting the railway sector in Argentina

Photo: Diego Giuliano contemplating the discussion. By: 聽International Transport Forum. Source: Flickr.

During a working tour in China, Argentina’s Minister of Transportation, Diego Giuliano, made significant progress in enhancing the country’s railway sector. Agreements were signed for future investments in the railway field, with particular emphasis on the Belgrano Cargas Railway Rehabilitation Project. This project, which involves an investment of $816 million, aims to acquire new wagons, locomotives, and repair existing vehicles. Discussions also took place regarding the Norpatagonian Project, which focuses on the restoration of 700 kilometers of tracks on the Roca railway. This initiative, with investments totaling $1.1 billion, will greatly benefit the logistics of Vaca Muerta. Other topics addressed included the rehabilitation of the San Mart铆n Cargas line, the acquisition of electric cars for the Roca line, and the development of infrastructure for the Urquiza Freight Line. Additionally, opportunities for direct flights between China and Argentina were explored to boost tourism.

Minister Diego Giuliano’s visit to China resulted in significant advancements in bolstering Argentina’s railway sector. Key agreements were signed, notably the Belgrano Cargas Railway Rehabilitation Project, which will receive a substantial investment of $816 million for the acquisition of new vehicles and the repair of existing ones. Discussions also centered around the Norpatagonian Project, the rehabilitation of the San Mart铆n Cargas line, and exploring opportunities for electric car acquisitions and infrastructure development. Furthermore, plans were discussed to establish direct flights between China and Argentina to stimulate tourism. These achievements underscore the Argentine government’s commitment to strengthening railway transportation and driving economic development in the country.

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Rosario3. (2023, Junio 7). Tras El Viaje a China, Giuliano Confirm贸 avances para potenciar el transporte ferroviario en Argentina.