China seeks closer ties with Argentina: ‘There is no real conflict’

Photo: Argentine Foreign Ministry.

In a bilateral meeting during the Munich Security Conference, the Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wang Yi, highlighted the absence of 鈥渞eal conflict鈥 between Beijing and Buenos Aires, expressing his will to strengthen bilateral cooperation and enhance diplomatic ties. The meeting underscored China’s commitment to join Argentina in its comprehensive strategic partnership.

Wang Yi, also the director of the Central Foreign Affairs Office of the Chinese Communist Party, emphasized the importance of maintaining bilateral relations, understanding and supporting mutual interests, building trust, and deepening cooperation. According to the senior Chinese official, this approach will take the bilateral relationship 鈥渢o a new level鈥.

The meeting takes place in a context of uncertainty following the victory at the polls of Javier Milei, who had expressed reluctance to do business with China. Despite this, Chinese President Xi Jinping sent a special envoy to Milei’s inauguration in December, signaling positive intentions.

The Argentine Foreign Minister Diana Mondino highlighted the bond between the two countries and the “great potential” for cooperation. The meeting marks a significant step towards consolidating the bilateral partnership amid previous political challenges.

In addition to the meeting between Mondino and China鈥檚 Foreign Affairs Minister Wang Yi, the Governor of the Province of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillof, also met with his counterpart, Wang Wei, with the aim of strengthening political and commercial relations between China and the province. The meeting took place at the Government House on February 17 and was attended by officials and the mayor of La Plata.

China, as Argentina’s second-largest trading and economic partner, has strategically invested in areas such as infrastructure and mining, in addition to maintaining a currency swap agreement. Despite previous tensions, Wang assured that “China respects the choices of the Argentine people” and trusts Argentina’s ability to overcome difficulties and progress in its development.