China’s 5G technology investment in Argentina, according to Ambassador Sabino Vaca Narvaja

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On October 20, the Argentine newspaper 脕mbito held an interview with the Argentine Ambassador to China, Sabino Vaca Narvaja. The interview focused on China’s growing investment, especially in the telecommunications sector, where, according to the ambassador, China is ahead of its development worldwide. 

On this point, Vaca Narvaja pointed out that the 5G technology tests in Argentina have already begun, through the National Communications Entity (ENACOM) and the Chinese company Huawei, which is noted for its participation in them. According to the ambassador, the Chinese company’s participation in these tests guarantees the quality of the technology to be implemented in Argentina, given the priority that the Chinese government gives to research in technological innovation. Vaca Narvaja mentioned a number of China’s 5G technology projects to exemplify his statements, including the construction of smart buildings, homes, and cities, the possibility of working and playing in the cloud, remote surgery, and virtual and augmented reality. Besides investment in the telecommunications sector, the Ambassador mentioned a few other sectors in which China has been fundamental for the development of strategic projects in Argentina. These include the renewable energy sector and the construction sector, through initiatives such as the Cauchari Solar Park, the Santa Cruz hydroelectric plants, and the Atucha III Nuclear Power Plant.

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Lerner, A. (2021). Vaca Narvaja: 鈥淓n el 5G, la calidad de la oferta china est谩 probada鈥.


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