Espejo de Palabras

Photo: Screenshot of CGTN and Telam TV Show 芦Espejo de palabras禄 – “Mirror od words”. Source: Telam

The end of October saw the launch of the television program Espejo de Palabras (Mirror of words), a joint production by T茅lam and the Argentine National News Agency, television agencies of the Republic of Argentina, and CGTN of China. According to Reporte Asia, the program’s main point of departure is to highlight Xi Jinping’s ideas and his approach to China’s development, focusing on the people鈥檚 welfare, economic openness and technological innovation.

The program is made up of five, short 8-minute episodes and was originally broadcasted between October 25 and 29. The main objective of the program is to highlight the similarities between Argentina and China, both at an expressive and behavioral level. According to T茅lam, the purpose of this is to show that there is a ‘mirror of words’ between the populations of the two countries. Other important issues dealt with on the program are the work undertaken by China in the field of environmental preservation and cultural diversity.

Top headline:

Telam聽(Argentina鈥檚 State-owned media):聽La TV P煤blica China y T茅lam emitieron el segundo episodio de 鈥淓spejo de palabras鈥

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