Bolivia set to export chia to China

Chia seeds in the image. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Bolivia is moving forward with its goal of becoming a world exporter of chia, a superfood praised for its numerous health benefits, with national efforts to introduce the product in the Chinese market, as highlighted by the Vice Minister of Foreign Trade and Integration, Benjam铆n Blanco.

At a press conference, Blanco stated that Bolivia has complied with Chinese customs regulations, demonstrating its commitment to international standards. He recalled that a Chinese delegation conducted a thorough inspection of chia production facilities in Bolivia between August and September 2023 to consolidate and advance talks for the commercialization of the product within China.

Blanco said that the efforts to export chia to China are at an advanced stage and close to completion. He stressed that this achievement not only represents a commercial milestone for Bolivia, but also underscores the growing global relevance of chia as a superfood and as a marketing product.

At the same conference, Bolivia’s ambassador to China, Hugo Siles, expressed his confidence that Bolivian chia will win over Chinese consumers. Bolivia already exports chia to 35 countries, and the opening of the Chinese market could position the country as one of the world’s leading exporters of this seed.

According to the Vice Ministry of Foreign Trade, external sales of chia from January to October 2023 increased by 36 percent compared to the same period in 2022, reaching 8,471 tons with a value of US$22.41 million. This growth reflects the sustained interest in Bolivian chia internationally and bodes well for Bolivia’s position in the global market for this superfood.