Chile boosts exports to China with increase in almonds, cherries, and lithium

Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Chile’s President, Gabriel Boric, announced last week the signing of a customs protocol facilitating the export of Chilean almonds to China. This move marks a step in diversifying Chilean exports and fostering economic growth in the South American country.

Almonds, grown across over 8,700 hectares of almond orchards in Chile, primarily concentrated in the regions of O’Higgins and Metropolitana, are in high demand internationally due to their competitive price and consumer preference. The new deal is the result of agreements made during president Boric鈥檚 state visit to China last October, during which four agricultural agreements were signed, strengthening the commercial relationship between both nations.

Chile, recognized as China’s third-largest trading partner in Latin America, has solidified its position as a global leader in exporting fresh temperate fruits. In the 2022-2023 season, over 574,000 tons of fresh fruits were exported from Chile to China, with cherries being the main product. This reflects sustained growth in bilateral trade, reaching US$65.5 billion in 2022, according to Chile’s Undersecretariat for International Economic Relations.

Additionally, Chile has experienced significant growth in its lithium exports, a key strategic resource in the renewable energy industry. The country has emerged as a global leader in lithium production and export, with China being one of its main destinations. This trend reflects Chile’s commitment to transitioning towards a more sustainable economy and seeking innovative solutions to address global challenges in energy and the environment.

During the event held at the Chilean presidential palace, President Boric emphasized the positive impact this initiative will have on small and medium-sized producers, enabling them to access highly competitive markets and develop new opportunities in foreign trade. “We want those living in rural areas to continue thriving there without having to migrate to cities,” stated the president.

Meanwhile, Chile’s cherry industry celebrated a successful season, exporting a total of 413,979 tons, with record shipments to China, the product鈥檚 primary destination. The O’Higgins region stands out as a significant provider of fresh cherries globally, exporting 149,663 tons, of which 136,783 tons were destined for China.

This represents significant steps in Chile’s journey towards a more diversified and competitive economy on the international stage, strengthening commercial ties with China and other key markets while promoting sustainable development in the country.

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