Chilean cherry exports to China reach record levels

Photo: Pexels.

Exports of Chilean cherries have reached a record volume in the 2023-2024 season, mainly due to strong consumption during the Chinese New Year. To date, approximately 373,484 tons of cherries have been shipped to China, representing an increase of 2.54%. Despite the climatic challenges that have affected the crop, this season is expected to be the second highest total export volume of Chilean cherries.

According to records, 94% of Chilean cherry exports go to Asia, with China being the main market, followed by the United States (3%), Latin America (2%) and 1% distributed among Europe, Canada and the Middle East.

Chinese consumption has driven these exports, as Chilean cherries are considered a luxury gift that symbolizes wealth and good fortune in Chinese culture. The Committee has decided to increase marketing efforts in the first days of February in order to stimulate a rapid turnover of the fruit.

The Pacific South Terminal in Valpara铆so has transferred more than 213,000 tons of cherries during the current season, an increase of 15% compared to the previous campaign. Exports are mainly concentrated in the Far East, which accounts for 96% of exports, while the remaining 4% are distributed in Europe and North America. The most significant increase has been observed in the transfer of refrigerated containers, with an increase of 27% compared to the previous season.

Frutas de Chile has been working to open new ports for cherries, such as the port of Tianjin, which provides direct access to northern China. This port is expected to facilitate distribution in the Gaobeidian Wholesale Market, an important fruit wholesale market in northern China.

Total global exports are expected to reach around 410,000 tons, a slight decrease of 1.3% compared to the previous season.