Chinese Red Cross donates $50,000 to victims of Chilean forest fires

Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

The Chinese Red Cross has responded to the emergency caused by the recent fires in Chile by donating $50,000 to support the victims. The recent and deadly forest fires which ravaged the Valpara铆so region, have been the country’s greatest natural disasters since the 2010 earthquake 鈥 which left 525 dead. As of February 11, 131 deaths have been recorded, along with over 300 people reported missing and 40,000 affected.

The Chinese ambassador to Chile, Niu Qingbao, who delivered the monetary aid on behalf of the Chinese Red Cross, highlighted the importance of collaboration between both countries, underlining their common experience in dealing with natural disasters. The delivery of this financial aid reflects the relationship between China and Chile, which have shared experiences and supported each other in difficult times.

Niu Qingbao expressed his solidarity by saying, “China and Chile are two countries prone to natural disasters and have long been in the same boat and supported each other.” 

The president of the Chilean Red Cross, Mar铆a Teresa Cienfuegos, thanked China for its constant support in critical situations. She recalled the previous collaboration, mentioning that this gesture of solidarity is not the first time China has come to the country鈥檚 aid. Although the magnitude of the current tragedy surpasses previous events, Chinese economic assistance will be used to address the immediate needs of affected communities.

The Chinese ambassador also reported that the Chinese government has been in contact with the Chilean authorities to express its support and solidarity. Furthermore, he announced that the Chinese community in Chile is preparing more aid to contribute to the victims in the Valpara铆so region, showing a continued commitment to humanitarian assistance.

The donation from the Chinese Red Cross highlights not only the immediate financial assistance but also the depth of the relationship between China and Chile, underscoring their mutual support in emergency situations.