President Petro confirms meeting with Chinese Government to discuss infrastructure works

Photo: Petro entrega obras. By: Gustavo Petro Urrego. Source: Flickr.

President Gustavo Petro continues to provide information about his trip to China in the first half of 2023 to discuss the Bogota Metro. Besides the infrastructure works in Colombia, the president hopes to discuss state and social relations between the two countries. 鈥淚 have received an invitation from the Chinese government to discuss their works in Colombia and establish the future of our state and social relations. The Colombian society of engineers will advise the Ministry of Transportation at all times,鈥 the president announced through his Twitter account.

The president also spoke about the modifications that he sees as viable for the layout of the subway in certain parts of the city, insisting on his proposal that it should be elevated: 鈥淛ust as the contract can be modified by adding three subway stations between streets 72 and 100, it can also be modified to make the subway stations between the 72, the Caracas Avenue, and Primero de Mayo to Carrera 50 below ground,鈥 tweeted the president. He also insisted that Bogota must have a subway system that works for women, workers and students, and offered to fully finance the undergrounding of the most active part of the first line with national resources.

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