Presidentes Petro y Xi Jinping

The Colombian Government is Reviewing a Draft to Join China’s Belt and Road Initiative

Photo: Presidentes de China y Colombia. By: Presidencia de Colombia Source: Cuenta en X de la Presidencia de Colombia

The Colombian government is actively exploring the possibility of participating in China’s ‘Belt and Road’ investment initiative. This was a a prominent topic of discussion during President Gustavo Petro’s visit to China lastweek, from October 24 to 26. While no agreement is expected to be finalized during this diplomatic mission, there is a potential agreement slated for 2024 during a more extended visit.

Colombia is one of the few countries in the region that has not yet joined this initiative, which primarily focuses on bolstering critical infrastructure development. President Petro has also noted that this collaboration could stimulate major projects, including the ongoing development of the Bogotá Metro by a Chinese consortium, alongside other initiatives such as the Regiotram de Occidente and the Jobo-Medellín gas pipeline. Despite concerns about its relations with the United States, proponents argue that Colombia’s participation in this initiative would be highly advantageous for the country’s economic growth and modernization, particularly in the fields of infrastructure and logistics.

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