Commemoration of 50 Years of Diplomatic Relations between Guyana and the People’s Republic of China

Photo: 2022-06-21 06:00 鈥 Guo Haiyan, PRC Ambassador in Guyana. 鈥 H.E. Ambassador Guo Haiyan held a briefing on the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Guyana.聽Source: Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Guyana 鈥 Embassy News.

June 27th marked the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Guyana and the People’s Republic of China. The Chinese Ambassador to Guyana, Guo Haiyan, affirmed that the relationship between the two countries has a bright future.

To commemorate 50 years of diplomatic relations, the Chinese Embassy in Guyana launched an online photo exhibition illustrating the various successes of the past 50 years. It includes government visits; infrastructure projects; and, in general, contributions of the Chinese in Guyana. In addition, Guo Haiyan highlighted that bilateral trade between the two nations has grown steadily in recent years, increasing to some US $710 million in 2021 compared to US $500 million seen in previous years.

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News Room: Bright Future ahead as Guyana, China mark 50 years of diplomatic ties.

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