Jumbo Jet signs US$40M contract with Chinese company

Photo: Sinotruk Howo A7 380 2014. By: order_242 from Chile. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

China’s largest truck supplier, Sinotruk Inc. is to partner with Guyana’s largest importer of these vehicles and agricultural machinery, Jumbo Auto Sales. Taonaijie, the general manager of Caribbean Sinotruk International, and Nasrudeen Mohamed, the founder of Jumbo Jet, signed an agreement worth more than US$40 million.

According to the official announcement, more than 500 new trucks from China will arrive in Guyana in the next few years, with Jumbo Jet Auto Sales being the sole distributor in the territory. There will be all types of vehicles available for sale to meet Guyanese demand. Among the vehicles supplied are dump trucks, tractor/trailer trucks, platforms, and all-wheel drive, among others.

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NewsRoom Guyana: Jumbo Jet signs US$40M as sole distributor for brand new trucks from China.