China and Russia doubtful over Haiti Security Initiative

Photo: United Nations Security Council – United States (New York), August – 2013. By: Xavier Granja Cedeño – Cancillería del Ecuador. Source: CC – Wikimedia Commons.

The United Nations (UN) Security Council met at its offices in New York on October 17. China and Russia jointly expressed their concern over the US’ security proposal, which consists of two parts: the sending of troops by an organization outside the UN to Haiti and the imposition of financial sanctions on the Caribbean country. The US has explored options to establish an alliance that would allow it to send troops, including negotiations with Canada, and has formally presented its request to the UN Security Council.

The Chinese representative affirmed that there is a great deal of internal opposition in Haiti to the sending of foreign forces. He questioned the effectiveness of the US initiative, stating that, given the condition of the legitimacy of the Haitian state, the drastic and accelerated intervention proposed by the US will face various obstacles and opposition, and could even trigger a violent confrontation.

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