Honduras Appoints Its First Ambassador to China

Honduras’ President, Xiomara Castro, officially appointed Salvador Moncada as the first Honduran Ambassador to China, marking a historic milestone following the establishment of diplomatic relations with China and the severance of ties with Taiwan in March. Moncada, a 78-year-old Honduran scientist with British citizenship, is renowned for his significant contributions in the field of cardiac treatments developed in laboratories in London. Following his appointment, Moncada noted that various initiatives are already being explored with China in areas ranging from infrastructure to science and technology, with a special emphasis on ongoing negotiations for a Free Trade Agreement.

Honduras’ decision to change its over 70-year-old relations with Taiwan and establish ties with China marked an unexpected turning point in the country’s foreign policy. Honduran President Xiomara Castro officially visited Beijing in June, where she met with Chinese President Xi Jinping, aiming to strengthen bilateral ties. Furthermore, the establishment of a joint commission to negotiate a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Honduras and China in Tegucigalpa represented a significant advancement in economic cooperation between the two nations. This diplomatic realignment reflects a global trend in which an increasing number of countries, both in Latin America and worldwide, choose to recognize China over Taiwan, leaving Taiwan with only 13 countries recognizing it globally.

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France 24. (2023b, septiembre 15).聽Honduras juramenta a su primer embajador en China.

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