China and CELAC deepen cooperation to reduce poverty

Photo: The China-CELAC relations forum 2014 Official Ph. By: Chile’s Government. Source: CC – Wikimedia Commons.

The China-CELAC relations forum was established in 2014, its main purpose being to promote multilateralism on both sides. This is based on the understanding that the main objective is to promote development through a multilateral agenda. The forum is also intended to contribute to globalization in the region through international cooperation, in order to address humanity’s main challenges. A clear example of this has been the development of vaccines by the Asian country to deal with the effects of Covid-19 and the dissemination of these as part of its discourse of a public good. 

The second forum on CELAC-China relations was held online on July 14, against this background. This time, the attendees addressed poverty reduction, aimed at sustainable development, identifying similarities between poverty in China and poverty in CELAC countries. As a result, they proposed the implementation in LAC of similar strategies to those implemented to reduce poverty in China. These strategies target the integration of rural and urban environments, infrastructure development, and increased public services coverage.

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