Chinese car brands develop commercial strategies in Latin America

Photo: Pixabay.

In a context marked by intense competition in the automotive market, several brands have recently announced plans and commercial strategies to consolidate their presence in Latin America.

Last year, the Chinese electric car manufacturer BYD surpassed Tesla in electric car sales, becoming the global leader in the last quarter of 2023. This rivalry extends to Chile, where both brands have ambitious plans. Tesla has initiated the sale of its Model 3 and Model Y in Chile, while BYD, in its second year of operation in the country, is preparing to expand its presence with the opening of 16 branches this year. The competition for the Chilean electric car market promises a technological escalation, with both companies seeking to dominate the region.

Additionally, several rumors indicate that BYD is exploring the possibility of establishing a factory in Mexico. Proximity to the United States and commercial agreements could allow BYD to benefit from tax breaks and overcome tariffs imposed on Chinese cars in the U.S. market. The final decision will depend on future policies, and BYD is attentive to the results of the upcoming elections in the United States. With a year-on-year growth of 62% in 2023, BYD consolidated itself as a global leader, expanding its presence in Latin America and Spain.

Similarly, the state-owned Chinese auto manufacturer Chery, through its Jaecoo brand, has debuted in Mexico with the presentation of the Jaecoo 7 gasoline SUV. Jaecoo’s strategy focuses on a classic design and an executive profile, differentiating itself from other brands in the group such as Chirey and Omoda. The brand aims to attract young buyers and close the year with at least 8,000 vehicles sold in the Mexican market. Jaecoo has established strategic alliances with BBVA bank and DHL for preferential financing and spare parts management, respectively. Additionally, it plans to have 40 shared dealerships with Omoda in Mexico.

On the other hand, VIAGGIO Motor S.A., a Bolivian company of the Roda Group, has introduced the Huanghai van to the market. With over 70 years of experience in commercial vehicle manufacturing, Huanghai stands out as one of the leaders in the sector, with a production capacity of over 130,000 vehicles per year. The brand offers well-equipped vans, ideal for industries such as agriculture, livestock, construction, and mining. Through this distribution, VIAGGIO seeks to consolidate Huanghai’s presence in Bolivia.

These strategies demonstrate the current dynamism of the automotive market in Latin America, where these brands are seeking to consolidate their presence and offer innovative options to consumers.