Paraguay, Guatemala, and Honduras congratulate Taiwan on its 110th anniversary

Foto: Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwán) in Paraguay By: 總統府 Source: Flickr 

The Republic of China (Taiwan) celebrated its 110th anniversary on October 10 —a date known as the Double Ten Festival— with some Latin American countries sending their congratulations as part of the commemoration. For its part, the Chinese (Taiwan) Embassy in Paraguay celebrated the anniversary online through a live broadcast on the Embassy’s official Facebook page. The Embassy highlighted that even with the limited social movements resulting from the pandemic, with the support of Paraguayan authorities and complying with the sanitary measures set forth by the authorities, it has been possible to continue the course of implementation for the bilateral Taiwan-Paraguay cooperation projects. 

On Sunday October 10, the Government of Guatemala congratulated the Republic of China Taiwan on its 110th anniversary through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Minex). “(Guatemala) greets and congratulates the people and Government of the Republic of China Taiwan, on the occasion of the celebration of its National Day: ‘Double Ten,’” wrote the Minex on its official Twitter account. Meanwhile, in Honduras, young students from the Armed Forces Language Center sang a song in Mandarin Chinese called “再出發/Set out again” to celebrate the 110 Anniversary of the Republic of China (Taiwan).

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