Sodium-ion batteries: the new China-driven alternative to replace lithium

Photo: Pila de ion de litio.jpg. By: Raul570. Source: WikiCommons.

The Chinese company JAC presented its first electric car powered by a sodium-ion battery, a much more affordable material than lithium. Sodium-ion batteries are the focus of scientific attention given their potential to dethrone lithium as a key mineral in the development of electromobility, which in the future may affect the countries that make up the “lithium triangle” in Latin America.

According to information gathered by the South China Morning Post newspaper, JAC’s new vehicle, manufactured by the Beijing company Hina, has a 25 kilowatt per hour battery, which gives it a range of up to 250 kilometers on a single charge. The president of Hina, Li Shunjun, pointed out that the use of sodium-ion batteries reduces the production costs of electric cars by 10%, because the raw materials are cheaper than lithium.

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La Naci贸n. Fuentes, E. (2023). Bater铆as sodio-ion: La nueva alternativa impulsada por China que pone en 鈥渞iesgo鈥 el litio chileno.