Mexico requests China’s help in the fight against fentanyl

Photo: Cena de Estado que en honor del Excmo. Sr. Xi Jinping, Presidente de la Rep煤blica Popular China, y de su esposa, Sra. Peng Liyuan. By: Presidencia de la Rep煤blica Mexicana. Source: Flickr.

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has reached out to Chinese President Xi Jinping through a letter, seeking assistance in curtailing the flow of fentanyl shipments from China to Mexico. Lopez Obrador explains in the letter that U.S. lawmakers have been holding Mexico responsible for the fentanyl crisis in the United States, even going as far as threatening invasion of Mexican territory. In light of this, the Mexican president turns to Xi Jinping, appealing for his assistance in combating the spread of this highly addictive substance on humanitarian grounds.

In his letter, Lopez Obrador requests Xi Jinping to share crucial information regarding the importers of fentanyl, including details about the quantity, vessel types, and the ports of entry and exit. The objective is to empower the Mexican government with enhanced control over the drug, which is currently strictly limited to medical purposes within the country. To spearhead this endeavor, President Lopez Obrador has entrusted Admiral Jos茅 Rafael Ojeda Dur谩n, Secretary of the Navy, with the authority bestowed by the Chinese government.

This request comes in the midst of mounting concerns over the influx of fentanyl through Mexican ports, prompting authorities to adopt stricter measures in controlling its distribution.

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El Universal. Morales, A. (2023, Abril 4). Amlo Env铆a Carta a Presidente de China para pedir ayudar a controlar Env铆o de Fentanilo a M茅xico.