Opening of the Mexico-China Forum 2022: Recovery in Action

Photo: Cora Cecilia Pinedo Alonso, Mexican Congress Member. By: M茅xico麓s Senate. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Mexico-China 2022 Forum: Recovery in action is a platform designed to promote and learn about each other, to move forward in the creation of integrating agendas that facilitate exchanges, with an open approach and deep friendship between peoples (Mexico-China Forum 2022: Recovery in action, 2022).  The Forum deals with different topics including trade between Mexico and China, food exports to China, logistics between Mexico and China, customs renovation, etc.

During the inauguration, Cora Cecilia Pinedo Alonso, the chair of the Asia-Pacific-Africa Foreign Relations Commission, said that because of the various crises resulting from the pandemic, Mexico and China are seeking financial recovery through promotions and increased free trade between the two nations to create new areas of opportunity for foreign investment. The Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China in Mexico, Zhu Qingqiao, supported this initiative and stressed its importance in combating COVID-19. He also highlighted the establishment of the air bridge to transport medical supplies, which made it possible for China to provide Mexico with more than 34 million vaccines.

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Canal del Congreso: Inauguran en el Sendo trabajos del encuentro 鈥淢茅xico-China Forum 2022: Recovery in Action.

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M茅xico-China f贸rum 2022: Recovery in Action.


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