Taiwanese demand boosting Paraguayan pork exports

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Paraguay’s National Animal Quality and Health Service (Senacsa) has highlighted the continued growth of the pork industry, attributing this boost to the Taiwanese market, which accounted for 85% of the sector’s shipments in January.

The boom has been noted since December 2022, when Paraguay obtained authorization to export boneless pork to Taiwan, both chilled and frozen. This opening has had a positive impact on the Paraguayan meat industry, allowing it to diversify its exports and open up new market opportunities.

The authorization to export pork to Taiwan is not subject to an established quota, and represents a significant achievement that is the result of an extensive public-private work process at the technical and diplomatic levels. This opening strengthens the bilateral relationship between Paraguay and Taiwan.

Taiwan is an important buyer of Paraguayan beef. In January, it was the third largest buyer with 2,028 tons for $8.5 million. Throughout 2023, Taiwan consolidated itself as the second largest market for Paraguayan beef, purchasing a total of 38,223 tons for $187 million dollars.

Taiwan stands out as a major consumer of pork, with an annual volume of around 900,000 tons. About 10% of this volume, or about 84,000 tons, is imported. Paraguay is therefore positioned as an important supplier to this market.

The qualification process to export pork to Taiwan included an audit conducted in May 2022 by Taiwan’s Animal and Plant Inspection and Quarantine Bureau. Paraguay was the first market to receive Taiwanese inspectors on site after the pandemic, underscoring the commitment of both parties to strengthen controls and standards in pork production.