Disputes between the Chinese mining company “Las Bambas” and Peruvian indigenous communities

Photo: Las Bambas mines in Peru. By: Ondando. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

MMG Ltd. is a Chinese resource company that explores, develops, and mines base metal deposits worldwide. In 2014, this company acquired the Las Bambas project in Peru (in the Apurimac region), becoming one of the largest copper producers in the South American country.

To construct the mine, the Fuerabamba community had to be resettled following negotiations between the Chinese company and the indigenous community. However, due to the Chinese mining company’s non-compliance with its obligations to the community in April 2022, more than one hundred indigenous residents invaded Las Bambas, forcing them to suspend production. They were also joined by the Huancuire people, who are protesting against a plan to expand the mine on land that was also sold.

In view of the above, at the end of April, Las Bambas’ owner, Glencore, attempted to evict the camps in a confrontation that left several people injured. Following a series of problems between the two parties, the indigenous communities have formed an alliance to negotiate with the Peruvian government and the mining company. The president of Fuerabamba, Reuters Edison Vargas, stated: “We are going to keep fighting until Las Bambas has to close and get out of here… it is war.” This protest is the most severe crisis the Chinese company has faced since its start of operations in 2016, casting doubt on the future of one of the most important investments in Peru.

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Investing: Una comunidad peruana le declara la 鈥済uerra鈥 a la gran mina china de cobre Las Bambas.

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