China exploring Uruguayan beef imports following customs discussions

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

China is exploring the possibility of importing Uruguayan tripe, a beef product, after a meeting between both countries to facilitate trade between them.

Uruguay and China seek to improve interoperability between their Foreign Trade Single Windows (VUCE), in an effort to facilitate commercial exchanges between both nations. In addition to the interoperability of the VUCE, China is expected to carry out audits in two Uruguayan plants to evaluate the possibility of importing Uruguayan tripe. Following these audits, the Chinese government will conduct a detailed analysis that may include requests for additional information or observations.

If approved, Uruguay鈥檚 National Meat Institute (INAC) estimates that this authorization could increase the income of the Uruguayan meat industry by up to 40 million dollars, tripling the current income from exports of meat products. This forecast underlines the strategic importance of the possible opening of the Chinese market for Uruguay and highlights the relevance of cooperation between both countries in different economic sectors, seeking new opportunities for mutual growth.

Jaime Borgiani, National Director of Customs (DNA) of Uruguay, highlighted the importance of the VUCE as a key tool for trade facilitation, underscoring the need to digitalize the interaction between foreign trade participants. This meeting seeks to reinforce the strategic partnership between China and Uruguay, based on more than thirty years of relations that have fostered exchanges and cooperation in various areas, including customs.

During the virtual meeting, representatives of the General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China, the DNA of Uruguay and the VUCE addressed cooperation mechanisms, possible technical solutions and requirements for data exchange. It was agreed to continue with the negotiations with the objective of establishing a working group dedicated to formalizing the agreement, which strengthens economic and commercial cooperation between both countries.