Delcy Rodríguez visits China to “strengthen bilateral relations”

Venezuelan Executive Vice President Delcy Rodríguez arrived in China on Tuesday, September 5th, on a mission entrusted by President Nicolás Maduro to strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries, as reported by the Venezuelan Government. The Vice Presidency announced that her visit was intended to reinforce the bonds of brotherhood and cooperation with China. Rodríguez was received in Shanghai by Cai Wei, the Director of Latin America at China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Giuseppe Yoffreda, the Venezuelan Ambassador to China, among other authorities.

Venezuela and China are considered strategic allies and have established trade agreements in various areas, including finance, energy, health, agriculture, culture, science, and technology. President Maduro also recently highlighted China’s growing economic influence globally. Rodriguez’s visit reinforces Venezuela’s ongoing commitment to its relationship with China and its support for global initiatives led by the Asian country. Relations between the two nations have strengthened since the time of the late President Hugo Chávez and have been intensified during Maduro’s administration, as evidenced by a meeting in May in which the Venezuelan government reiterated its support for “globally-driven initiatives” by China.

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Finanzas Digital. (2023, septiembre 05). Delcy Rodríguez visita China para “fortalecer las relaciones bilaterales”