Venezuela and China strengthen cooperation in infrastructure projects

Photo: Rafael Lacava portando unas gafas de sol.. By: 聽Pedro D铆az Blum. Source: Wikicommons.

The Venezuelan government actively participated in the 14th Forum on Infrastructure and Construction Investment in China, aiming to attract new investments to the sector. Led by Minister of Transportation Ram贸n Vel谩squez, the Venezuelan delegation engaged with representatives from over 60 countries and leading construction companies. The government expressed its readiness to establish strategic alliances and invest in collaborative infrastructure projects with China, with a focus on digital economy, sustainability, and international cooperation. Fruitful discussions were held with Chinese state-owned enterprises regarding the development of sustainable land, air, and cargo terminals, emphasizing digital innovation and green energy..

Venezuela’s participation in the Forum on Infrastructure and Construction Investment in China seeks to attract investments to the sector and establish strategic partnerships. The Minister of Transportation led the Venezuelan delegation and highlighted the government’s willingness, under Nicol谩s Maduro’s leadership, to collaborate and invest in infrastructure projects alongside China. Emphasis was placed on seeking alliances in the construction sector, promoting the digital economy, sustainability, and international cooperation. During the event, investment opportunities were explored, and meetings were held with Chinese state-owned companies to discuss the development plans for land, air, and cargo terminals, promoting digital innovation and green energy. The ultimate goal is to promote the well-being of the people and joint development.

Further strengthening the relations between the two countries, the governor of Carabobo state, Rafael Lacava, met with Chinese Ambassador Lan Hu to explore the economic and industrial potential of the region. During the meeting, experiences were exchanged, and the bonds of brotherhood with the Asian community in Venezuela were strengthened. The governor expects that this meeting will yield positive results in the short and medium term. Ambassador Lan Hu has been visiting various regions of the country to familiarize himself with the possibilities of each and to learn about the activities of Chinese citizens living in Venezuela. The meeting in Carabobo was considered productive and is part of the ambassador’s diplomatic activities in the country.

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EFE. EL NACIONAL. (2023, Junio 4). Gobierno Busca Inversiones en foro internacional de construcci贸n en China.

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