Venezuelan representative meets with Chinese ambassador to discuss bilateral relationship

Photo: Alex Saab’s X account

The president of the Venezuelan state body the International Center for Productive Investment (CIIP), Alex Saab, held a meeting with the Chinese Ambassador to Venezuela, Lan Hu, on January 27.

The Chinese authorities highlighted that the nation 鈥渋s willing to promote strong companies with Chinese financing to invest and operate in Venezuela.鈥 They also highlighted 鈥渢he basis of good mutual political trust and hope that the Center will support and cooperate with each other, to deepen the strategic partnership with Venezuela,鈥 according to the CIIP.

This meeting is part of the agenda of the Chinese Ambassador to Venezuela, who also met with the president of the Venezuelan state-owned oil company PDVSA and Minister of Petroleum, Pedro Rafael Tellechea, seeking opportunities for cooperation in the sectors of oil and gas, according to Infobae.

Counselor Chen Feng, responsible for commercial affairs at the Chinese Embassy in Venezuela, was also present at the meeting,  with the aim of strengthening diplomatic and strategic relations; as well as discuss bilateral cooperation and other topics of interest to both countries.

This proximity between the two bodies, according to the CIIP, currently results into more than 600 strategic cooperation agreements and high-level meetings with diplomats and businessmen of the People’s Republic of China, among them, the CIIP meeting, together with the Minister of Popular Power for Agriculture Productiva y Tierras, Wilmar Castro Soteldo, with investors from China.

On his X account Saab stated 鈥淭he world is open to Venezuela and Venezuela open to the world! Important meeting with the ambassador of the People’s Republic of China, contributing to the construction of multipolarity between nations that will reach 50 years of diplomatic relations.”

Saab is a controversial Colombian businessman with strong ties to the government of Venezuelan President Nicol谩s Maduro. In June 2020, Saab was detained in Cape Verde while his private plane made a refueling stop on its way from Tehran to Caracas.

At that time, he was facing accusations that included money laundering, being targeted by both the United States and other nations, including Colombia. He was identified as one of the main names involved in various corruption schemes within the Venezuelan government. In December 2023, Saab was released by the United States following an agreement with Venezuela.