Colombia investigates dumping in Chinese aluminium imports

Colombia is investigating imports of aluminum extrusions from China, due to possible dumping practices.

Colombian exports to US increase amid US–China tensions

In the face of the Chinese slowdown and tensions with the U.S., Colombia’s share of U.S. exports is increasing.

Colombian cattle exports to China raise environmental concerns

Colombia will export cattle to China, and although this will represent a large economic income, experts say that its sustainability is not being evaluated.

Presidentes Petro y Xi Jinping

The Colombian Government is Reviewing a Draft to Join China’s Belt and Road Initiative

The Colombian government is actively exploring the possibility of participating in China’s ‘Belt and Road’ investment initiative.

Colombia’s Agriculture Minister Aims to Forge Closer Ties for Agricultural Products with China

Colombia’s Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Jhenifer Mojica, visited China to strengthen trade relations and diversify the destinations for Colombian agricultural and agro-industrial exports. Currently, 66% of exports in this sector are concentrated in the United States and Europe. The minister emphasized the importance of enhancing trade and diplomatic relations with Asia.

New Chinese Ambassador to Colombia: A strengthened link

On August 28th, Mr. Zhu Jingyang arrived in Bogotá, D.C. as the newly appointed Chinese ambassador to Colombia, marking the return of a high-ranking representative from the Asian country to Colombia after more than five months of interim leadership. The former ambassador, Lan Hu, bid farewell on March 24th in an event at the Chinese embassy in Bogotá and now serves as the Chinese ambassador to Venezuela.

 Colombia opened dumping investigation against the U.S. and China

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EPM signs contract with Chinese company to promote solar energy project in Colombia

The Colombian company EPM has signed a contract with Powerchina International Group Limited, Colombia branch, to implement the Tepuy Photovoltaic Solar Park, its first large-scale renewable energy project in Colombia. This non-conventional renewable energy project will contribute 83 megawatts of renewable energy to the National Interconnected System (SIN), which could supply a city of 400,000 inhabitants.

China-Colombia relations are at an all-time high

Ingrid Chaves, director of the Colombian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, spoke to Portafolio about the progress of diplomatic relations with China and the changes expected with the new government: “this year marks 43 years since the beginning of diplomatic relations and before the pandemic, China became the country’s second partner in trade and the first Asian investor in Colombia,” said Chaves.

China outranks Colombia, Brazil and Peru as the largest Amazonian fish producer

In 2020, 59,400 tons of this species were produced in the Asian country, while Colombia produced 33,000 tons, Vietnam: 23,000, Peru: 2,100, and Brazil: 1,800. This is due to the fact that China, together with other Southeast Asian countries, has not only focused on fish production for human consumption, but has also become a leader in breeding Amazonian ornamental fish.

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