Jumbo Jet signs US$40M contract with Chinese company

China’s largest truck supplier, Sinotruk Inc. is to partner with Guyana’s largest importer of these vehicles and agricultural machinery, Jumbo Auto Sales.

Belize and the Republic of China promote commercial cooperation

The Seminar on the new era of investment and business opportunities within the framework of the Economic Cooperation Agreement (ECA) was held on March 10, 2022. The event was organized by the Embassy of Belize in the Republic of China (Taiwan), the Central American Trade Office, the China International Economic Cooperation Promotion Association, and the Latin American Trade Commission.

Chirey, the new car brand coming to Mexico

Chirey, a Chinese car brand, is traded on international markets including Argentina, Chile, Peru, and Brazil, and is looking to expand into the Mexican market.

Chinese car manufacturer, Lifan, withdraws from Uruguay

The Chinese car manufacturer is withdrawing from Uruguay and will not be able to pay layoffs and other salaries to its approximately 60 workers. The firm will also auction the machinery, spare parts and merchandise located in the industrial plant on route 1, in Ciudad del Plata, San José. Representatives of the company in Uruguay and China participated via Skype in a meeting at the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (MTSS) on October 25 to discuss the company’s decision.

Brazil and China reach WTO agreement on sugar imports

Brazil initiated a complaint in 2018 at the WTO challenging China’s “safeguard” measure on imported sugar, its tariff quota administration, and its “automatic import licensing” system for extra-quota sugar.

China-Brazil Relations and the types of dependency between China-LAC: a conversation with Thiago de Aragão

In the 7th episode of the Coffee & Silk Podcast, we chatted with Thiago de Aragão about China´s interest y Latin America and the Caribbean and the dynamics of this relationship with a strong focus on Brazil.