President of Peru to carry out state visit to China to expand relations

Photo: Flickr. The President of Peru, Dina Boluarte, is preparing an official state visit to China in June with a broad economic agenda, which will include a meeting with her counterpart Xi Jinping. Peru’s Minister of Agrarian Development and Irrigation, Ángel Manero, announced the president’s plan to visit China during a press conference, highlighting the […]

Venezuela and China strike agreements in different fields

Photo: In the quest to strengthen cooperation between Venezuela and the People’s Republic of China, Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro received a Chinese delegation led by Yang Hongtao, Secretary of the Municipal Committee of Tai’an of the Communist Party of China, this Monday. In addition to strengthening economic and trade ties, the meeting between President Maduro […]

China increases its presence in Central America

Photo: Wikimedia Commons. The report by Evan Ellis, published by Infobae, outlines the focus of China’s advance in Central America, highlighting Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador, a direction that is redefining geopolitical and economic dynamics in the region. In Nicaragua, the authoritarian regime of Daniel Ortega has facilitated China’s entry into the country, allowing massive […]

China and Honduras sign agreement for the renovation of educational infrastructure

Honduras and China join efforts to improve educational infrastructure in a bid to strengthen bilateral ties.

Free Trade Agreement between China and Ecuador comes into effect

The FTA extends to a wide range of products, from chocolate and cocoa powder to tuna, heart of palm, and jams, among others. Photo: Pixabay. This May 1st marked the beginning of a new stage in the trade relations between Ecuador and China with the entry into force of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between […]

Peru and China reactivate Economic and Technical Cooperation Commission

Peru and China reactivated the Joint Intergovernmental Commission for Economic and Technical Cooperation after nine years

Paraguayan parliamentary delegation visits Taiwan to strengthen ties

A parliamentary delegation from Paraguay has paid a visit to Taiwan, with the aim of strengthening bilateral ties.

Delegation of Brazil’s Worker’s Party meets with Communist Party of China in Beijing 

A delegation of Lula Da Silva’s party will travel to China to strengthen relations with Xi Jinping in order to jointly confront the extreme right.

Peru seeks to improve the FTA with China ahead of APEC summit

Peru seeks to improve FTA with China at APEC 2024 to strengthen its trade position.

Argentina’s President Javier Milei takes a pragmatic approach with China

Javier Milei stated that his administration seeks to balance relations with both the United States and China to address Argentina’s economic problems.

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