Tango comes to China courtesy of Beijing Central Music Conservatory

The Beijing Central Music Conservatory -opened in 1949 and currently with 1,500 students at its Beijing campus- is the most prestigious arts institution in China. On October 28th, this important institution inaugurated its Tango Research and Practice Center, in collaboration with Argentina's Universidad Nacional de las Artes.

Cuban participants stand out in the second edition of the Chinese Talent Contest in Latin America and the Caribbean

The Chinese Talent Contest in Latin America and the Caribbean is sponsored by the CLEC Foundation and the ASA Panama Foundation to promote the Chinese language in the region through different artistic expressions. The second edition of the contest was held last September and the winners were announced in October.

China’s Film Industry: An instrument for internal education and communication with the foreign public.

In the 9th episode of the Coffee & Silk Podcast, Parsifal talks with Veronica Flores, Argentinian professor, and expert on Contemporary China´s art, social and cultural history. On this occasion, Veronica takes a quick trip through China´s Cinema history and the relationship between this industry and the government. Flores emphasizes the importance of Chinese artistic expressions and creative language, as a tool to gain attention from the foreign public.