Six Chinese Hospitals to be built in Guyana

The China National Pharmaceutical Group Corporation, better known as Sinopharm, has announced that it will be building six new hospitals in Guyana.

Commemoration of 50 Years of Diplomatic Relations between Guyana and the People’s Republic of China

June 27th marked the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Guyana and the People’s Republic of China. The Chinese Ambassador to Guyana, Guo Haiyan, affirmed that the relationship between the two countries has a bright future.

China Railway requests new financing model for Amaila Falls hydroelectric project

China Railway has advised the government of Guyana that it cannot enter into a Build Own Operate Transfer (BOOT) model for the construction of the Amaila Falls hydroelectric project.

China donates pandemic prevention materials and office supplies to Royal Grenada Police Force

On May 20, Chinese Ambassador to Grenada Wei Hongtian handed over a batch of pandemic prevention materials and office supplies on behalf of the Chinese Government to the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF).

“Demerara Harbour Bridge” in Guyana with China Railway Construction Corporation Limited

The Government of Guyana signed a contract to build a new crossing over the Demerara River, called the Demerara Harbour Bridge, for US$260 million. The project will be carried out by a Chinese joint venture.

Jumbo Jet signs US$40M contract with Chinese company

China’s largest truck supplier, Sinotruk Inc. is to partner with Guyana’s largest importer of these vehicles and agricultural machinery, Jumbo Auto Sales.

Guyana and the People’s Republic of China commemorate 50 years of diplomatic relations with a logo

Diplomatic relations between Guyana and the People’s Republic of China (PRC) were formalized on June 27, 1972, making this year the 50th anniversary of this diplomatic milestone. Guyana was one of the first Caribbean Community and Commons Market (CARICOM) —an organization of Caribbean countries, which promotes economic integration and cooperation among its member countries— to establish diplomatic relations with the PRC.

New sources of renewable energy in Guayana

Guyana’s Low Carbon Development Strategy was launched in 2021, as a short-, medium- and long-term development planning program intended to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In November 2021, the China Railway Group Limited received approval to build this renewable energy project, and the company will assume all operational and construction costs.

Guyana does not want to be part of the tension between the U.S. and China

In an interview with Vice News, a US news media outlet, Vice President of Guyana, Bharrat Jadgeo spoke about relations between Guyana and the PRC, and the fact that Guyana has been affected by the increased political tension between the PRC and the US.

Guyana’s booming economy boosts bilateral trade with China

Estimates by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) show Guyana’s economy expanding by 46%, making it one of the few countries in the Latin American and Caribbean region to show economic growth. The Chinese government noted that Guyana’s economic boom, driven by the oil and gas sector, has resulted in a doubling of bilateral trade in the past two years.

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