Venezuela Will Begin Business Rounds with Chinese Entrepreneurs to Consolidate a Special Economic Zone in the Country

During the seventeenth edition of the ‘Con Maduro +’ program, Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro announced  the commencement of negotiations with the province of Shenzhen to boost the development of the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) between La Guaira and the Asian city. He highlighted Shenzhen’s significant annual exports, solidifying its position as China’s largest exporter, and emphasized the importance of engaging with the city’s three major companies to discuss the implementation of the SEZ.

Honduras Appoints Its First Ambassador to China

Honduras’ President, Xiomara Castro, officially appointed Salvador Moncada as the first Honduran Ambassador to China, marking a historic milestone following the establishment of diplomatic relations with China and the severance of ties with Taiwan in March. Moncada, a 78-year-old Honduran scientist with British citizenship, is renowned for his significant contributions in the field of cardiac treatments developed in laboratories in London. Following his appointment, Moncada noted that various initiatives are already being explored with China in areas ranging from infrastructure to science and technology, with a special emphasis on ongoing negotiations for a Free Trade Agreement.

Chinese billionaire Jack Ma considers investing in Uruguay’s meat sector

The founder of Alibaba, Jack Ma, made a three-day private visit to the Solís Meatpacking Plant in Lavalleja, Uruguay, according to business sources confirmed by El Observador. Although he did not engage with national authorities, a commercial secretary from the Chinese embassy in Uruguay reportedly accompanied the billionaire.

A Chinese company will invest US$120 million in lithium production in Jujuy, Argentina

The Chinese company Tsingshan Mining Development S.A. will invest US$120 million to install a hydrogen chloride and sodium hydroxide manufacturing plant in Jujuy, Argentina, to produce lithium carbonate. Construction work is expected to last 18 months and employ more than 1,000 people for the construction period, and some two thousand skilled workers during its operational stage. Tsingshan Holding Group Co., Ltd. operates in the Mining and Metals sector, mainly in the stainless-steel industry.

Chinese automaker prepares vehicle plant in Mexico

n April 2023, Jetour will market two gasoline-powered SUVs imported from China. By the end of the year, it will introduce a hybrid unit and in 2024 it will invest in the plant for combustion and electric vehicles. The brand is currently lobbying with different governments – among them Aguascalientes and Guanajuato – to define an investment that could reach 1 billion dollars.

BYD in Chile

The Chinese company BYD has recently signed an alliance with the Chilean company Astar, in order to distribute electric vehicles for the first months of 2023 in Chile.

Financial closure by Chinese company delays the design of the Bogotá subway system

As reported by the Colombian radio program “W Radio,” uncertainty exists regarding the delivery deadlines for the Bogotá subway system, as a result of the failure of the APCA Transmetro consortium to meet the deadlines for financial closure.

Chinese mining in Bolivia

Chinese mining companies are able to act intensively. The effects of this activity have been experienced mainly at social and environmental levels in Bolivia.

Foreign exchange trading facilities between Argentina and the People’s Republic of China

The President of China, Xi Jinping, met with Argentine President, Alberto Fernández, on November 15, on the occasion of the G20 summit in Bali. The leaders agreed to extend a foreign exchange agreement for US$ 5 billion.

Manufacturing of Sinovac Vaccines in Chile

At the end 2021, Sinovac Biotech announced plans to build a vaccine production plant in Chile. The plant,is expected to be ready by 2023.

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